martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014

Finally, it has arrieved. JERNHEST is here! (ENGLISH)

We couldn't be happier or prouder at this moment. For the next few weeks, all members from the creative team will answer all those questions anyone can have about our project. Also, we will be showing new details, yet unknown about the background, every day. Raffles and competitions will be announced, too. So, don't forget to check on us to be updated!

After a full year promotion, going to every convention we could and mastering more than 150 beta-testers, it is the perfect moment to give a new step. With "Adventures on the East Mark" and "Holocubierta" consents, we can announce the following. On  Friday 12/19 Jernhest Crowdfunding will star on Verkami.

Finally, we want to share with you the exclusive and amazing Jernhest's cover (almost complete) by A.J. Manzanedo.

Greetings from all Jernhest's team and if you've got any question for us, don't doubt and ask us!