domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

The sky is not the limit (ENGLISH)

Almost a thousand years have passed since Ragnarök, The 1st industrial revolution made many young Korn's nations follow the path of progress but it is not until the 2nd revolution that Essence changed everything.

3 elements move the world, following the famous rule of 3 that any Kornite may have heard (past-present-future; sea-land-air archeology; magic-mechanics-arcanotechnology...): Essence, gold and Laerus. Laerus is an inert gas that can be extracted from flying isles (big pieces of land tant were launch to the air during the cataclysm) now floating all over the world. These 'Tears of the Gods' as they were baptized are now being called 'Hives' and since the countries ready themselves for the inevitable war, many of this 'hives' are being re-shaped into air fortresses.

The balons evolved into Novikovs (zeppelins) and “ship-balloons”, usually used by the air-pirates of Kalindor, though not only by them anymore. A proof of that is The Imperium, a proud vessel of the Alanian's air navy.

Pencils of  Borja Pindado

Not all hives are used for minery or gas extraction, most of them are inhabited, And how they are!
Milenia, the city of progress, the city of tomorrow. A free and independent city which floats over Teria and Vaneirin. Ruled by Sebastian P. Broker, the Builder, and the tycoon Wilson Wisk (the very same W.Wisk responsible of hundreds of halfling deaths and the eventual change of the SPU, the Small People Union, into a terrorist group... Tick is a gentle way to call him), We expect to show it to you very soon, with maps made by Epic Maps, of course.

But wait... There is more. The Golden Brotherhood works restless to put gnomes in their rightful place (stepping on eeryone they need), experimenting on strange and unfanthomable machines. Machinery brought to the world with the Archaics still rest in botomless caves waiting to be found again, maybe by their old owners. And do not forget the great and part machine dragons like Asgellog, The Great Red One of Siania.

Pencils of Atilio Gambedotti

Asgellog may be the most dangerous thing you can find while traveling on your  ship-balloons, but not the only one, we assure you.

Come with us while we explote Korn, soon we will be able to tell you much more.

Greetings from the Steam, soon, more.