jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Kilikgronja (ENGLISH)

Kilikgronja, the land of the Cyclops. Known in the past as noble and proud beings loyal to their Goddess Gronja. Gronja love them so much she gave them her blessings, therefore they would be able to see the future. However after Ragnarok and Gronja’s disappearance this blessing became a curse.

 The Cyclops still possessed those clairvoyant’s powers but slowly they went insane, tormented by those visions. Many decided to isolated themselves, mitigating their sufferings. However, the “Call of Gronja” still affects them through their lives.

 When they reach a certain point of maturity, the Cyclops became extremely savages and lost control. This event is very dangerous if someone is close to it, even more if we take into account that Cyclops never stop growing and a late call can affect a huge and overwhelming specimen. It is said the origin of this huge Cyclops can be found in the wastelands on Pythia and that are used in Hamuset as pack animals.
Nowadays, Kilikgronja, The tit of Gronja, is a lonely and sad land. Close to the mountain, the old Cyclops Settlements and their old capital city of Mahaur are abandoned most of the time as they wander their homeland waiting for the Call. They almost spent no time with their fellow Cyclops. When they go crazy (also called as the 2nd phase) their biggest effort is to climb the Great Mountain. No one knows why.

They’ve got good relationships, though sporadic, with the Salinos, nomads living around the Great Mountain but closer to the sea. This nomads flee from Hamuset, on the north, always in need of slaves.

Their future is uncertain. They’ve got no motivations more than live their lives as calm as possible. Still, thanks to technological improvements some of them have travel to other countries as fighters, attractions, workers but mainly in pursue of knowledge to end their curse. Many think this is an error as they discover how the Call of Gronja alienate their minds.

Cyclop from Alfoso de la Torre