jueves, 29 de mayo de 2014

Hamuset (ENGLISH)

Hamunra was a land of wealth and peace. Their citizens had good relationships with the southern clans and the Cyclops of Kilikgronja. Ra, Osiris and Horus were the leaders of this land Pantheon. Pacific gods who watched for the welfare of their people. When the Ragnarok started, Nyarlathotep raised on the desert as the leader of an army in his shape.
Nyarlathotep, known as Set, the God of a Thousand Faces, slaughtered thousands of citizens. Ra, Osiris and Horus’s armies were unable to stop him therefore they decided to sacrifice themselves in order to expel him from this plane of existence. They succeeded but Set’s army of Scorpion-men took control of the land, slaving the follower of the old gods.

They changed the name of the nation to Hamuset in honor to their gos. Ashgan Enur, Set’s Avatar, rules the land with an iron handwith just one goal. To bring his god back.

They slaved as many as they could making the survivors to live a nomadic life, fleeing eternally. They also attacked the Cyclops, still in shock after the Ragnarok. They were the best slaves ever remembered in Hamuset. Gronja’s disappearance, one of the first Set’s victims, from her land changed them forever and Set’s Children pay for it. The legend of the Three Eyes is still remembered with fear. It is proof that is better to live the Cyclops alone. As technology improves, Set’s followers are closer to the goal. They gather all kind of technological artifacts while building the biggest of them all to guide their God back home.

Pecils by Víctor Guerra