jueves, 24 de abril de 2014

Anak Yigg (ENGLISH)

The south of Malorn has belonged to Yigg's children since the very beginning.

With its wisdom, Yigg made the Yigg Ti first, huge snakes with arms, similar to its own shape. However, they lacked the wisdom and intelligence enough for the god to be pleased.    


Yigg Ti by Víctor Guerra
Therefore he created the Yigg Ha, humanoids with a serpent's head. Much more intelligent than the Yigg Ti, it made them the leaders of its people. Together they thrived quickly and lived in harmony, until the Racknarok was unleashed. Yigg, like the other gods disappeared and its sons became shocked and lost without their "father".
Slowly they overcame the Racknarok and then, quickly, they tried to bring back Yigg. They built temples in its honor, they made sacrifices but nothing worked. They still try to do it without success.
Thanks to the unification of the Malorn's tribes, the Yiggs feel themselves safe in its own land. The salvages on the north acting as a wall. They've got few connections with them, sporadic trade, few skirmishes when they get to close to the jungle and such. However, they usually kept distance between them, trying to keep it safe.

Due to, or thanks to, the Yigg Ha's skills to adopt different shapes, they have slowly infiltrated into other nations more advanced. They have learn that the way to bring back his "father" it's not through building monuments, temples or sacrifices in its name but through complete command of the Essence and the arcanotechnology. For the moment they are only learning the first steps to it but with the guide of the Yigg Ha, the snake people will bring back Yigg again.
This new kind of technology is expensive therefore many Yigg Ha offer their services as spyes and assassins, without revealing their true identities. The pay for their great services usually are gold, technologies or women.

The information gathered by some Yigg Ha infiltrates seems to show that the equilibrium of Korn its hanging on the balance. At the moment, the snake people keep silence and they won't choose a side if it's possible. They will keep on gathering information by any means necessary, to bring back Yigg and be whole again.