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Translated as Mire's Well, Utnao's origins are place on 298 BR (Before Ragnarock) when those lands were called Flaemoril

In 302 BR, King Jakor Brassfinger managed a deal with the elf Queen Fanari Nilai in order to bring together the mightiest army of elves and dwarfs ever seen to the Red Forest and recover their old lands.  Bromteria was exhausting its resources and if the east was forbidden due to some trade agreements with Vaneirin, they'd go to the west. To the elven Red Forest and the dwarf's Nuba mountain.

After 4 years, the war ended. The orcs and other horrible humanoids flee to the west (Malorn). Victory was celebrated for a month, and both races kept their alliance in order to protect themselves and stablished new trade agreements. Flaemoril was born (Translated in Vanio as "Shared Wealth").
Those were thriving yearsm not without arguments, but the Flameoril inspired hope in everyone's heart. Then, Ragnarock happened.

In the year 3 AR (after Ragnarok), Molek the Dark One died over Nuba's Mountain, flooding all Flameoril with his corrupted dark blood. Everything changed. The  snowy white skin of the elfs became dark and corrupt, while their hair lost all of its color. The Red Forest is now black as a moonless night. The dwarfs had no better luck. Corruption flooded their tunnels like water in an anthill. They are grey and bald.  

Many centuries have passed since then. They have almost no contact with the exterior world but their raids in the night. No one sane would ever go to the Isle of Utnao. Although surface is mostly safe, is it usual to find elven women looking for preys. Every attempt to establish a colony in  Utnao in order to extract the Esence has led to death and cries.
Nowadays, no one knows which plans the En'xens has, but rumors tell us about a ship able to sail underwater, attacking any ship travelling near the island.

A dark elf with her ​​pet, orgro
Do you want to know more about what happen to elfs and dwarfs of Flameoril? This is only a brief summary of Utnao. If you want to know more, pay attention to our blog. You can ask us whatever you like in the following conferences o by e-mail. Also, we will be able to use Holocubierta's Forum soon.