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Composed by 3 small islands placed on Porqüan's far east, Sohjo has remain isolated until few years ago. There is no Esence on the islands (No one knows why though many theories are studied).  Due to this, Sohjo is seem by other nations as an undeveloped region where only its martial arts are top class. This is now changing, thanks to Dr. Freinhurf's inventions. Sohjo is quickly evolving in order to defeat their ancient enemies, the Oni (Ogres with supernatural strength and diabolic animal shapes). Of their hellish king only his name is known: Akuma the bloodthirsty. It is said that if Akuma destroys Haiku he will be free to conquer all Korn.

There were less attacks in the past, as the Kami (ancient spirits guardians) protected the isles, but after the Chi no Tsuki (The Bloody Moon or Ragnarock), the Oni are free to to move through all of them.

Dr. Freinhurf has modernized Sohjo's arsenal with guns and a new kind of tech-armors but when he tried to use the Kamis to feed his machines, the Shogun ordered his execution. Thanks to his assistant and right hand, Ashura Koji, he was able to escape the isles.
Five years has passed and there are no news about any of them. However, recently, there are rumors about a huge mechanical beast attacking Siania's ships on the north. The beast is called: kikaiju.  
Samurai tech, pencils by Pablo Sierra

Samurai fighting to the death against an Oni