jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014


Morabia is known as the land of the monsters, where scary tales comes alive and the worst nighmares walked the earth... But those are only legends from the past.

This nation raise from pitch black after all gods were dead. It was born from bloodshed, hate and pain. It is rule by beings who overcame life and death, from the immortal desire of its queen to end chaos and slaughter. Of a peaceful nation where punished creatures could live without fearing the hateful folks that hate them. Of a place where freedom and co-existence live far away of dark and scary tales.

Full of extraordinary beings living in society, taking care of their own, it makes each regions really different from each other. Some places are known by their Pleasure Houseswhere any one can satisfy even their darkest desires, a place many alannian's ladies and gentlemen escape of their rigid society. Other devotes themselves to agriculture and stockbreeding. Other where culture is exquisite.

The only thing that must be remembered upon visiting this lands is that the law must be obeyed and that there are worst things than death.

Is it as idyllic as it seems? Morabia is also the place where the "Crimson Shadows" rest, the biggest web of assassins and spies of all Navira...

Behold Queen Vianka Von Tep, Ruler of Morabia.

Pencils by Alejandro F. Giraldo