domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014


After the Ragnarok, from the ashes of the Old World appeared a beast. A soulless beast who devoured everything it found: Dario Von Tep, whose fangs drank all life from Debirians remains. The old believers were falling down, lost in a new world without gods, were nothing was like before. The old pacts were broken or leaderless. Dario and his coven fest upon them for centuries. But nothing last forever.
A group of heroes raised. No one knows who were they nor from where they came, only that they attacked Dario's Castle in the Night of the Wolves on 241 AR (after Ragnarock). Only one of them survived: The First Inquisitor, and since then, our first King.
Centuries has passed and since that day, the Inquisition makes sure it never happens again. The creatures of the night, and recently the spellcasters, have no place in Deviria. Some people say they brought weapons from other worlds, the ones were the Archaics were bron. Other say they utilize Tiger Fangs (also known as garlic) to prevent vampires to use their powers. No matter how, but Debiria is free now.
However the blood became weaker and now our rulers only keep threatening names (like Jorge the Scourge) and an Iron Will control of the land. The Inquisition is the law, and they control it, my friend.

Excerpt from 'Discovering Debiria' by Markus Valley.  

Swordman Inquisition with traditional clothes