viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014



After Ragnarock, the old dwarves mines were on ruins. In 121 AR, some dwarves clans arrived to Teria drawn by its wealth and peacefulness. Step by step, the land was broken and over-exploited until each town became a huge technological city.
During Alannia's unification by the queen Anna Wellington, it quickly joins it by signing a treaty in which, in exchange of great taxes, Teria will keep its political independence.
The dwarves still remembered the great guardians called golems. After arcanotech's discovery they hire many gnomes in order to build again for them these mighty guardians, to protect their great vaults. They also used their old tunnels to hide Alannia's wealth as proud keepers of the Alannian Bullion Depository.


Gelimbor is the fourth wyvern in Vaneirin's flag. Many years ago, Gelimbor was part of Vaneirin but Gelimbor's court was so corrupt and troublemaker that after a dirty trick they were able to split the country in two. The queen Anna was able to merge both countries again, by way of a forced wedding,  thanks to Siania's threat.
It is an uncomfortable deal for both side and soon it will have to be solved.


An old empire which officially joined Alannia due its geographical position rather than economical factors or need for protection. However, in fact, they really joined it due to the constant harassment of Siania. Frolamburg is full of forest and it's towns and villages are usually attacked by the unnatural creatures which inhabited them. In order to fight them, the Order of Jaegers was founded. These exceptional hunters are experts in ambushing these creatures and protecting villages from them.
This order is composed by Frolamburg elite and only the best join their ranks. They also wear the most advanced combat armar developed in all Alannia, which is the proud of the country. 

At first, life for the citizens of the present Notivoli was easy and prosperous due to its fertile lands. Trade between Debiria's Isles and the osland of Capressa  soon started. Debiria offered gifts to the local lords in exchange of lands where to establish commercial settlements. The debirian expansion started, impoverishing the peasents in favor of the nouveau riches. Slowly the debirian settlements expanded inland and the land change name to Sacedonia.
An old retired general called Giancarlo Cabraldi, tired of his people misery gathered his bannermen. With Vaneirin's help they started to conquer again their old lands. The day they finally expelled the debirian's lords, Sacedonia became Notivoli: Notte Volli, 'dear night', in honor to Cabraldi and his officers who sacrificed themselves in order to infiltrate into a masked ball in the last debirian castle and let the 'Notis' win the war.  
Noble in Notte Volli, pencils by Alejandro F.Giraldo