domingo, 2 de marzo de 2014


Alannia is a wonderful discrepancy in this competitive world. It is the only country made of many. The idea 'Unity creates strength' would never be used in a better way. After Queen Anna Wellington's marriage with Duke Fracis Szapovia of Gelimbor, the surrounding countries found the stability they needed in order to resist the overwhelming expansionist forces of Deviria on the south and Siania's on the east. The Geinnerwell is formed, translated from the Old Common as Commonwealth.
After Vaneirin's move, Siania fixed its eyes on Kianse while Deviria did the same on its own lands of the Confederates Colonies.
The eight stars on Alannia's flag represent the different countries forming it: Melerith, Teria, Gelimbor (now absorbed by Vaneirin), Norland, Polarquia, Frolamburgo, Notivoli and the last one standing for Nueva Landorum in the Confederate Colonies.


Known by its sparkling wine and sweet cheese, Merelith is home not only to many noble alannian families but also home to the biggest elven comunities on all Alannia: The Imilbree elfs, great swordmans and warriors.
Merelith's nobility has greatly influences all Alannia's aristocracy both in culture and etiquette, while they try to keep the agrarian status of the region to fulfill their refined tastes.

A harsh land with great landscapes. A country full of contrasts but looking to the future. On the north the working class plow the earth and feed their flocks while on the south, where the big cities are placed, the aristocratic familieslive their lifes in luxury. THe most famous drink in Norland is Known as Walk, present all around Norland and it can be found in many other places of Alannia. While the northern people of Norland struggle everyday to bring food to the table, aristocracy play their cards in order to increase their wealth and power, while drinking and watching some good Boxeos' rounds.
North ranger by Alejandro F.Giraldo

When breathing the fresh air of the mountains or feeling the soft breeze of the sea on your skin, you know you are in Polarquia. Land of great men who tirelessly fight nature. The fight Polarquia's high mountains as well as its roughen sea for the secrets they hold.
A peaceful land where a sailor seems to be strong enough to tear off a kraken's jaw with his own fists.

Next week we will end with Alannia and prepare ourselves to travel into the unknown lands of Sohjo.